Do you need somebody to be caring, compassionate and down to earth?


I am a normal person who happens to be someone that loved ones in Spirit like to use as a telephone line. I always feel humbled, honored and extremely grateful that your loved ones in Spirit choose me to relay messages. I work with Love and white light and ask for loving healing messages and ask your loved ones to bring specific messages to let you know that it is them. The biggest reason I do this work is because I see the change in people when they get confirmation that their loved one’s are there and they are but a breath away.  I have a deep belief in a higher power and love the saying “ You of a thousand names and yet the unnamable one.” 

I also do oracle card readings, numerology readings, reiki energy work, and Aroma Touch. I studied with Tony Stockwell, John Holland, Sandra Anne Taylor and more.

I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.